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Most people wouldn't dream of not carrying home insurance against fire and theft. But did you know that insurance statistics show:


  • Only one home in 5,000 is ever hit by fire

  • Just one home in 250 is burglarized?

However, one in 8 homes experiences basement leaks and water damage not covered by insurance!


DELTA-MS Basement Wrap

is the new, proven way to protect your home's basement and foundations against water damage. It's one of the best, most economical forms of "insurance" you'll ever invest in, and there's no deductible! No new home should be without it.

What is DELTA-MS?

DELTA-MS is an extremely tough and durable plastic membrane that comes in rolls 65.6 feet long in various widths (3.5, 5.0, 6.0, 6.6, 7.0, 8.0 or 9.8 feet). DELTA-MS has unique "dimples" that provide an air gap between the foundation and surrounding soil. The dimples also allow sections of DELTA-MS to be overlapped and interlocked for a waterfast seal.


DELTA-MS protects in various ways :

  • Keeps ground water away from foundation walls.

  • Bridges cracks and gaps in the foundation.

  • Protects foundation walls from cracking due to stress caused by :

    • water freezing and unfreezing in the surrounding soil

    • settling of soil around the foundation.

  • Ventilates the foundation concrete and allows it to "breathe" and dry.

  • Attracts any condensation. The air gap supplied by DELTA-MS keeps the foundations slightly warmer than the MS membrane. This means moisture wicks out of the foundation and condenses on DELTA-MS, not in or on basement walls!

  • Supplies a path for any moisture that does collect between or on the foundation and DELTA- MS so that it flows down harmlessly to the drain bed.


Just Compare!


So many different kinds of waterproofing treatments - which is the best? Before you buy, here are some solid reasons why DELTA-MS is a top-rated choice.


DELTA-MS can withstand rough treatment during construction, something waterproofing agents applied directly to foundations can't do.


Unlike coating products, DELTA-MS works even if there are minor tears in the membrane.


More "Give"
Because it has some give and movement, DELTA-MS also cushions the foundation, providing superior protection against cracking caused by soil movement due to freezing and settling.


Draws off Moisture
Unlike foundation coatings that keep moisture locked in and around basements, DELTA-MS lets the foundation breathe. Because it's right next to the soil, moisture condenses on the colder DELTA-MS -- not on foundation walls.


Some waterproofing treatments, such as tarring, use petrochemicals harmful to the environment -- especially harmful when poorly applied. DELTA-MS is completely safe and will never degrade or react with other materials.


Builders love DELTA-MS because it means less trouble for them. Homeowners love it because damp basements and leaks become a thing of the past!

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