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Slabjacking Simplified

The type of slab Aqua Guard raises is referred to as "floating concrete", meaning the concrete moves with the ground. The ground can move as a result of freezing and thawing, or by the amount of moisture present in the soil at different times of the year.


In order to get between the floating concrete and underlying soil and fill the unwanted space, it's necessary to use a material that can be pumped, but will solidify and stabilize the concrete.


Aqua Guard slabjacking material consists of 98% organic-free materials. The material will remain under the slab - because it's inorganic we guarantee it won't decompose.


The material is custom mixed to meet the conditions at each job site. Our formulation has enough flexibility to fill voids and pockets, resulting in a more thorough solution.


What's involved with our estimate?

We perform an on-site inspection at our client's convenience. Inspections can even be scheduled for times when the clients aren't home.


Identification / Drawing

After reviewing the condition of the job site we provide a detailed drawing of the affected areas and provide an explanation of the corrective measures necessary.


Slabjacking vs. Removal & Replacement

We provide our clients with information and options to assist them in making their decision. We help you evaluate the manpower, machinery and material necessary.



We provide a detailed quotation. We can also have the proposal broken down into sections should the client wish to address different areas and prioritize the work.


How it works

Cement slurry is pumped through drilled holes under the concrete slab. The slurry stabilizes the sub-soil, fills the void, and raises the sunken slab to its proper grade. The drilled holes are then filled with concrete and the process is complete and ready for use.


Slabjacking Offers Additional Benefits

  • Stabilizes the sub-soil.

  • Strengthens the slab.

  • Eliminates having to install new concrete, which would create a noticeable color difference.

  • Fills the void, stopping erosion, water penetration, certain foundation leaks, animals, and insects.


Our System is Effective on Any Concrete Surface

Walks, steps, driveways, streets, patios, curbs, pool decks, ramps, basement floors, shipping docks, garage floors, stoops, machinery stabilization, and more!




Free estimates

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